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All drivers/students ages 15 – 25 are required to complete a minimum 30-hour driver education course (or more if required by student’s state of residence). This course can be completed in a traditional classroom setting or virtual online class. This will ensure that the student becomes fully aware of all safety issues, requirements on the road, and valuable technical information prior to training behind the wheel, resulting in a higher standard of education for all students.

Additionally, all drivers/students ages 15 – 25 are required to complete a 10-hour behind the wheel driving course with a driving school certified by the Driver Education Foundation of America.

Scholarship Program

101 - 30 hours Classroom/10 hours BTW


  • 30-hour Traditional Classroom or Virtual (online) with 10 hours Behind the Wheel
  • Parent/Guardian or individual over the age of 21 with a current driver's license to provide 30 hours of supervised driving with the student driver

Optional Program(s)

Additional scholarship provisions may be available to qualified students.

Driver Referral Program

The Driver Education Foundation of America will mentor drivers that have completed training through DEFA certified schools. A student interested in a referral for employment with an organization partnering with the Foundation will be required to submit an application for a referral.

Please Note: It is mandatory

  • For the DEFA certified driving school to provide the program funded through the Foundation.
  • For all students to complete the program for which they received a scholarship.

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